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The Scientific Society of Mechanical Engeneering was founded in 1949.
In that time it was typical for the engeneering industry in Hungary and worldwide that- often functioning in a national coat on Hungarian premises- companies have developed- produced, exept for some giants, in a medium-size.  

In Hungary we can note a colossal - with todays word  an innovative successful era in the technical history from the seccond half of the 19th century until the first half of the 20th century, a series of  inventions, which were known worldwide in the machine and electrical industry and have brought economical success.
After Second World War both the technical development and- not independent from the war- globalisation has let to the companies worldwide increase and to the change of the engineers role in the company. Nowadays the engineer, inventor dissolves in the company and the new result innovation becomes property of the company and it is difficult to publish it. The traditional name „inventive step” does not reach either  the professional or the wider social community.  The appretiation is the remuneration given by the company.

At the other end of the spectrum there is a dwarf business where one, two, three Engineers develop. They do everything by themselfs and if the market considers it good, then they explosively break into the market with a new product- even in the case of small companies – take the path of globalization.

Today's machines are no longer the same machines that were 150 years ago built upun the basic laws of mechanics and Electromagnetic Theory. All means operating in economy and intellectual capacity serving their production have changed, they represent  the use of deeper natural Sciences.

All this brought changes to the Engineer training. In spring 2011 we could read on the Hungarian University recruitment website about 80 such vocations, their name  included the words „mechanical Engineer”. 67 bachelor's degree program started (full time, correspondent etc.). There were 20 spetializations in the basic Bachelor training and 13 institutions announced master's degree under this name.
Journal of Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineering- MACHINE- seeks to be among the constant changes- in fact beeing ahed of them- the provider of opportunities for professionals, engineers, students to publish new results, discussions, and the use of them as widely as possible, so it can serve both industry and education.   
For Industry, for Education: MACHINE!

Dr. Adam Döbröczöni
professor emeritus



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