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It is difficult to summarize in a small introduction the rich and wide range activity of  dr. András Kálmán – he remains „Uncle Bandi” to me- and his lifetime achivement. However it all connects to mechanical engineering and pedagogy. After finishing primary school he engadged himself to mechanical sciences by enrolling in a Technical School, and from there  he run an uniquily rich path. We can only present an excerption  of his career on the following few pages.

The decades of  engineering and teaching practice  embraced all areas of vocational education from the vocational school to polytechnics, vocational highschool, college all the way to university. Although his real creative medium was secondary vocational training.
It ment not only teaching-educating, but writting, proofreading course books, notes. The eternal intention of improvement in training led also to pioneering with the school in different school experiments. In the extent of possibilities he tryed to maneuver in headwind, so that the training and most of all his school attain the low point to which the education governance has managed to lower as late as possible.

It is his principle that the engineerteacher is not jut a teacher, but also an engineer. As a result the Engineering has become in the 80's research and development base, producing such results to which many professional institutes would have been proud of.

Besides his managerial work, he was member and leader of societies primarly active in technical areas.
After retirement he did not give up to care for these areas.
He shared his expirience with the schools he was in charge as the Leading Consultant of the National Institute of Vocational and Adult Education. 

Published under the aegis of The Scientific Engineering Society, the Journal hend-held by the reader and the regular apperance is due to the agility and organizational skills of Andras Kalman. In this last (?) publication we will try to flash few momnets of 'Uncle Bandi's ' oeuvre, commemorating the editor, the engineer, the teacher.

László Mihalik
Adrássy Gyula Vocational School (successor of the Engineering from Miskolc)


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