The Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineering is the tradition heir of the Hungarian Engineering Assotiation established in 1867 (from 1872 the Hungarian Engineer and Architects Assotiation).
In particular a successor to the activities of the Department of Machinery and Mechanical Engineering. The GTE Assotiation is the largest in the country, it brings together technologists and is a member of the (MTESZ) Technical and Scientific Societies.
The Association publishes three technical journals and one Society journal on regular basis.

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The journal Machine (GÉP) informs its readers about the research, developments and results mainly on the field of mechanical engineering. It provides regular information about the current market situation, the national engineering industry's market management and sales situation.   
With the presentation of present achievements, results and technology history it assumes the role of an intellectual bridge between the technical greats in the past decades and the future Hungarian engineering industry specialists.


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