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Bodzás S.; Dudás I.:
Analysis of measuring technique of thread surfaces
During machining the wear and re-sharpening as well as the limited accuracy in the setting of cutting tools can cause distortion and shape deviations of helicoidal surfaces. Due to its outstanding accuracy the three coordination measuring technique can be well used in mass production.

Hajdú S.; Lakatos K.:
Some properties of working cross-flow turbines
A characteristic feature of cross-flow turbines is a strong fluctuation in the circumferential force generating axle power, because the interaction between the blades and the medium is not constant. Paper explains the evolution of the inlet velocity triangle and the cyclically varying forces, assuming different ratios of rotational speed and flow velocity.

Koncsik Zs.; Marosné Berkes M.; Kuzsella L.:
Mechanical behaviour of Si3N4/SiC/graphite ceramic composites
Authors deal with tribological behaviour of the newly developed Si3N4/SiC/graphite ceramic composites. Main goal of the project is the investigation of correlation between the tribological characteristics and other mechanical properties as well as the various microstructure features.

Kovács P. Z.; Tisza M.:
Incremental sheet metal forming
Paper describes the research work has been carried out in the frame of a EUREKA project concerning a new innovative sheet metal forming. The incremental sheet metal forming process patented in 1967 has several advantages in single product and small series manufacturing.

Monostoriné Hörcsik R.; Dudás I.:
The measurement technique analysis of the crown wheel of spiroidal worm gear drives
A procedure for measuring teeth of crown wheel of spiroidal driving without using radial table has been developed. Using this 3D measuring technique more accurate result can be achieved compared to conventional measuring technique, due to the full automation of this new method.

Nagy L.; Jakab E.:
Determination of acceptable solution variants for starter motors by traditional conceptual design methods
The principal goal of the paper was to present an industrial project which can be solved by ‘classical’ design methods. The project was launched in 2006 for development and implementation a new automobile starter motor matching to the state of modern technique.

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