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Katona T.; Rátkai S.; Jánosiné Bíró Á.:
Extension of operational lifetime of WWER-440/213 type units at Paks NPP TYPE UNITS AT PAKS NPP
Key elements of justification and measures ensuring the safety of long-term operation of Paks NPP WWER-440/213 units are identified and discussed in the paper.
These are the assessment of plant condition and review of adequacy of ageing management programmes, also the review, validation and reconstitution of time limited ageing analyses as core tasks of license renewal.

Magyar Z.; Baumann M.:
Possibilities of energy efficient renewing of residential buildings (ECOLISH Project)
The energy use of the residential buildings in EU is 40-42 % of the total energy consumption. The ECOLISH project realized with the financial support of the EU’s ‘Intelligent Europe’ program aims at the energy savings in different regions of EU with the same low income level.

Meiszterics Z.:
Welding of nitinol wire and titanium tip
Based on two student diploma works author presents the resolution process of a microwelding task involves the joining of a Ø1,4 mm Nitinol (Ti-Al-V alloy) wire and a Ø3 mm titanium tip for medical purposes. Due to the difficulties connected to the laser microwelding finally the resistance welding was preferred.

Perjési-Hámori I.:
The analytical and numerical solution of two dimensional heat conduction problems in case of special boundary conditions
The engineers defined heat conduction problems issue in hardly treatable partial differential equation. With help of computer algebra systems the solutions of these equation become easier and the solutions are understandable of those persons, having no enough routine in solution of differential equations.

Stampfer M.:
Definition the number of stages by gear units
In the early stage of designing gear units, one must make a decision about the number of stages of the wanted speed ratio. Up to the present the decision was made on experience. In this paper author presents a new mathematical method by which the optimum value of the number of stages can be determined.

Tukora B.; Szalay T.:
Involving of new-generation graphics hardware into machining simulation processes
The main advantages of general-purpose (i.e. nongraphical) usage of the new- generation graphics hardware appear at the execution of highly parallelised processes. In this article the applicability of the new method is shown by the example of the material removal simulation of free-form objects.

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