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•  7/2010 table of contents

Dudás A.; Dreyer, R. M.:
Development and concept of a modern test engine
Decreasing mechanical losses is the main challenge of engine developers these days. For this reason the AUDI Hungaria Department for Combustion Engines decided to elaborate a concept for a modern test engine. The article analyzes the commonly used engine constructions, identifies the sources of mechanical losses and the opportunities of their measurement.

Hatwágner F. M.; Horváth A.:
Error handling strategies for the parallel genetic algorithm
Genetic algorithms are widely used to solve engineering optimisation problems. These kinds of problems often need high computational power, so the parallel use of computers are essential. Genetic algorithms fulfil the parallelisation requirement thus on the basis of the master-slave architecture the tasks can be shared out between the available computers.

Jósvai J., Dr. Kardos K., Dr. Horváth Z.:
Production process modelling and planning with simulation method, mounting process optimisation
Author focuses on the establishment of the production program using simulation technology in a structure, where several products and high amount of variants per product are produced. The topic of the paper addresses the discrete event simulation technology which is used to model the material flow and the manufacturing processes in the production area.

Kormány E., Dr. Bakó A.:
The informatics support opportunities of the corporate environment politics
Paper presents the role of a concrete information tool proving that business procedure models are transparent from environmental affect’s point of view; the corporate procedures are measurable and provide effective informatics help to the environmental-focused management activity.

Solecki L., Dr. Réti T.:
Measurement of internal involute splines with coordinate measuring machine
Author describes a measuring and evaluation procedure, by which the complex geometry parameters of internally splined shafts can be determined. Difficulty of task follows from the involute profile, small sizes and hard accessibility. Both measuring process with coordinate measuring machine and evaluation of measured data require much time and calculation, but there is no other possibility in case of single measurement.

Tancsics F., Dr. Halbritter E.:
An original determination and application of friction coefficient by using Pro/Engineer and MathCAD softwares
Paper describes a simplified determination method of friction coefficient on the basis of the forged solid cylindrical body, using a kinematically allowed velocity field, and then deals with the application possibility of this method.

Titrik, A., Dr. Nagy V.:
The identification of the physical and infocommunicational accessibility systems of urban transportation
Since Hungary joined the EU, the problem of the independent and safe accessibility of transportation is not only national interest, but also a regulation imposed by the EU. Development of an optimised, identification method became necessary that could reduce the traffic difficulty of people living with disabilities.

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