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•  9/2010 table of contents

Bachrathy D.; Stépán G.:
Computation of the appropriate axial immersions for helical mills based on frequency response

Barányi I.; Kalácska G.; Czifra Á.:
Fractal dimension of surface microtopographies

Bihari Z.; Szente J.:
Roller freewheels with constant pressure angle

Bozzay M.; Horák P.:
Application of reverse engineering method for modelling of worm gear drive

Bölkény I.:
Reconstruction and further development of a high pressure generator

Brezvai G.; Krisch, R.:
Simulation of the plastic deformation process for manufacturing the toothing in flat wheel strain wave gearing

Gulan L.; Bukoveczky J.:
Aspect of financial efficiency of modular design of mobile working machines

Cserépi M. Zs.; Péter J.:
Grouping opportunities of drives

Dániel B.:
Extending Robotinoۥ s abilities with LABVIEW

Döbröczöni Á., Kovács J.:
XXVIth seminar of machine and product design gives last honours to dr. Kálmán András

Erdélyi J., Lukács J.:
Investigation of the asynchronous alternating current hydraulic (A-ACH) drive

Hegedűs J.:
A professional synthesis – the seminars influence on local product design

Kátai L.; Szabó I.:
Effects of drive installation on V-belt temperature conditions

Kozma M.; Molnár L.; Váradi K.; Oroszváry L.:
Wrap spring clutch

Magyar B.; Horák P.; Sauer B.; Fábián Cs.:
Experimental analysis of tooth friction coefficient of k type worm gear drive

Molnár L.; Váradi K.; Bódai G.; Zwierczyk P.; Oroszváry L.:
Simplifyed modelling for needle roller bearings to analyse engineering structures by fem

Nagy J.; Kátai L.; Fülöp I.; Nagy I.; Kajtár P.:
Machine Development for Miscanthus growing

Németh G.; Péter J.:
Extension of transmission ratio range of flexible epicyclic drives I.

Orbán F.:
Analysis of static and dynamic behaviour of sandwich beam

Oroszlány Á.:
Development of special screws for medical application

Péter J.:
Definitions of design

Péter J.; Németh G.:
Flexible body mechanisms

Piros A.; Bercsey T.:
Comparison of the fuzzy evaluation methods in selecting mechanical components

Ronyecz P.:
Manufacturing centric designer thinking, challenges in modelling

Simonovics J.; Váradi K.; Bodzay T.:
Examination of the pelvic fracture fixation techniques

Szabó A.:
Eco Materials in Packaging Design

Szabó Gy.; Mischinger G.; Moharos I.; Mochnács M.:
Assessment and reduction of musculoskeletal risks in machinery design

Szűcs R.; Kamondi L.:
An introduction to the influence of gear geometry on dynamic analysis

Urbán I.:
The preparation of filament-strenghtened resin products-shape separation

Farkas Z.:
Design Potentials for Public Transport Accessibility

Bódai G., Váradi K., Molnár L., Oroszváry L.:
Temperature dependent analysis of a brake cylinder membrane

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