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Baksai G.; Kungl I.; Nagy I.; Pap N.:
Introduction of e-maintenance system and its results in the field of rotating machine condition monitoring   3
Paper describes the structure and working of the PdM & RBM Advisory System developed and operated by Delta-3N Ltd. The introduced system is suitable for storing and common evaluating the results came from complex diagnostic inspections.

Baksai G.; Csete L.; Nagy I.; Pap N.; Kertay N.:
Synthesis of advisory system for predictive and risk based maintenance   10
Article shortly presents the software developments which were elaborated for information supply of the predictive and risk based maintenance systems. The primary goal of the developments was to integrate the results originated from different on-line and off-line diagnostic inspections into a common control system.

Deszpoth I.; Barna B.; Kundrák J.; Szűcs J.:
Modernising renewal of piston pumps with DIAMANT polymer covering   16
Authors successfully renewed various piston pumps using the technology had been elaborated in the University of Miskolc. The method is based on application of a castable industrial resin made by DIAMANT, with which a wear resistant particle reinforced composite layer can be produced on the worn surface pairs.

Doboviczki I.:
Effective condition survey of machine bases and load carrying structures by ODS examination    20
The ODS or motion model visualises the movement of assign points of a given structure. In case of fulfilling certain conditions the model can more effectively be used for condition survey of machine bases and load carrying structures than the rivalling analyses. The motion model was successfully applied by MOL as well.

Gergely M.:
Appearance of warning frequencies in slow revolution driving gears   25
Sliding phenomenon in contact of gears causes remaining damage which can be indicated by vibration analysis. Appearance of the so called subharmonic and the repeating frequencies can give serious trouble to the driving, even in the slow and ultra-slow rpm intervals.

Izsák Gy.:
Teaching importance of measuring technique in education of mechanical engineers with special regard to maintenance specialisation   30
At the College of Dunaújváros all the conditions are available to extension of teaching the measuring technique. According to the author’s standpoint it is decisively important, that in the educational institutes the measuring technique should become favourite object of students and correct use of its methods should well be taught. This principle is especially valid for mechanical engineers specialised for maintenance.

Juhász D.; Balogh A.:
Effects of pulsed energy input on resistance spot welding   32
Authors summarise the characteristics of pulsed energy input for resistance spot welding, outline the technological effects of its application. Conclusions drawn from theoretical considerations are validated by experimental way using unlimitedly weldable mild steel and a high strength steel requiring controlled heat input.

Kertay N.:
On-line and on-site oil condition and machinery monitoring systems   38
Last years the demand on the on-line and on-site lubricants and fuel analysis was grown rapidly and sharply worldwide. Realising this tendency the Tribologic Ltd. would like to make this modern technology attainable also for the local industrial users.

Kiss G.; Odor E.:
Diagnostic results of rotating machines and armature diagnostic program in the Paks Nuclear Power Plant    40
Since 2000 several new diagnostic technologies, methods and systems have been introduced in the Paks Nuclear Power Plant. In addition to the special technology in primary circuit and the reactor noise diagnostic techniques the diagnostic activities directed to the rotating machines and motor driven latches mean the main tendency of modernisation.

Illés B.; Németh J.:
Static and dynamic analysis of the most loaded column of chair lift line   47
Due to the imperfections in design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance vibration occurred with non-expected extend in a Hungarian chair lift line. By static and dynamic analysis of the most loaded column the inconvenient trouble could be eliminated.

Palotás B.:
Computer aided process planning (CAPP) of surfacing and repair welding   51
The CAPP of repair welding and surfacing is complicated task, which requires highly qualified specialists and much experience. If the specialists have a computer system for helping of the process planning it would be very useful in the practice. The article shows a possible variant of CAPP of surfacing and repair welding.

Papp T.:
Application of diagnostic methods in the maintenance practice of Sinergy Ltd    57
The new approach of the maintenance activity has a high additional value to the long term reliable and safe operation of the energy producing technologies. The Sinergy Ltd committed itself to the new maintenance approach renewing its organisation structure and continuously developing its maintenance methods and the connected tool systems.

Papp Zs. Cs.:
Maintenance in control systems   60
In the last few decades the maintenance intensively developed and the maintenance organisations considerable changed. On the basis of his own experiences author outlines the important demands against maintenance, the main tasks of maintenance, the present state and the directions of the prospective changes.

Pataki T.:
Simulation of the loading test for nanostructures   64
A new algorithm was developed for simulation of the tensile test of nanostructures. The simulation method is considerable since the experimental loading tests of the nanostructures can be carried out costly and with extreme difficulties or they cannot be executed at all.

Regős G.:
With CIU2 on the waves – description of the new generation diagnostic system of HOERBIGER   67
In many plants the piston pumps are regarded as the critical machines of the production processes, whose unexpected failure can cause the halt of plant units, generating considerable financial losses. Running suitable control systems (such as HOERBIGER one) the decisive part of these losses can be prevented.

Seregi A.:
Information systems aiding the maintenance and operation processes - Development resolutions and experiences of introduction    70
The main goal of the modern maintenance systems is to maximise the capability of the equipment. The capability means that the equipment properly runs at a given time or time interval and performs its necessary functions. In the paper author presents expert systems aiding the integrated operation and maintenance activities.

Szabó J. Z.:
Development of a modular vibration diagnostic test stand   74
The WibroshoW equipment developed by author at the Óbuda University is a vibration diagnostic test stand, which is suitable for studying the failure methods can be occurred during running of rotating machines. The test stand can serve not only teaching tasks but demanding research purposes as well.

Szakál Z.:
Sorting by shape independently from geometrical measure   79
A new algorithm was developed for sorting of planar figures by their shape. The algorithm is able to recognise the different figures independently from their geometrical dimensions and complexity. The application of the sorting method is demonstrated by presenting the case study of the sorting of the disassembled fastening elements.

Wolf G.:
Maintenance Effectiveness Monitoring in the Paks Nuclear Power Plant   81
The principal task of the Maintenance Effectiveness Monitoring (MEM) program is to certify the fulfilling of the safety functions of the systems and equipment in nuclear power plants. Realisation of this task requires adequate application of special enterprise managing systems.

Zsoldos F.:
Maintenance in the Paks Nuclear Power Plant   82
Maintenance is one of the most interesting parts of operating a nuclear power plant. The maintenance strategy is a complex engineering work, because it should keep the balance between over and under maintaining of equipments or systems. The article presents to the main areas of the maintenance in the Paks Nuclear Power Plant.

Zsoldos I.; Janik J:
Virtual machine utilisation characteristics   84
Using a newly developed model authors proves that the application of the computer based Zsoldos-Janik machine operation expert system is valid; it can provide objective information to designers, manufacturers, sellers and operators of precious machines.

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