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•  11/2011 table of contents

Váradi K.:
Elhunyt Magyar József professzor    3

Kotrocz K.; Modok K.; Rádics J. P.; Gyatyel Gy.:
Intelligent compact disc harrow development    4

Kundrák J.; Gyáni K.; Deszpoth I.:
Comparative examination of finishing processes of hardened surfaces on the basis of material removal performance    9

Nagy K.; Vidovics B.; Dr. Bercsey T.:
Innovative product development methods and strategies of implementation    14

Németh G.; Dr. habil Döbröczöni Á.:
Overview of epicyclic Traction Drives    18

Dr. Péter J.; Németh G.:
Laboaratory tests of harmonic gear drive I.    22

Dr. Péter J.; Németh G.:
Laboaratory tests of harmonic gear drive II.    29

Szalai J.; Fodor L.:
Development of bumper design with finite element analysis    34

Szűcs R.; Dr. Kamondi L.:
An introduction to possible gear contact analysis by fininte element method    37

Tóbis Zs.:
Geometric parametres of toothed elements and their effect on noise features    40

Venczel G.; Dr. Siménfalvi Z.; Dr. Szepesi G.:
Recirculated cooling system optimization of the mixed reactor    44

Virág Z.; Szirbik S.:
Examination of optimized replaceable cutting tooth for bucket ladder excavator technology    48

Kukhar V.D., Pashin A.A., Raspopov V. Y., Sabo Y.I. Sidorov P. G.
A new kinematic scheme of the multiline quasidifferential multiturnaround electric drive of pipeline gate valves    52

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