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Tisza M.:
60th year anniversary of the Department of Materials Processing Technologies. Short history of the department from 1950 to 2010
During its 60 year-old existence the Department directed remarkable energy to scientific research work as well as to creating and maintaining active industrial business relations. In this period the department employed more than 70 staff members (researchers and lecturers) and some 80 other employees.

Tisza M.:
Infrastructural and equipment background of education and research
The Department has modern informatics background available for staff members and students, suitable from simple office work to complex modelling. The research work connected to different groups at the departments is supported by modern and broad range of material testing, welding, heat treating and metal forming equipment.

Tisza M.; Török I.:
The fifty years of training Welding Engineers in Hungary
The postgraduate course for training welding engineers in Hungary started in February of 1961 at the predecessor of the University of Miskolc (the Technical University of Heavy Industry). In the establishing of this postgraduate course the founder of the department, Prof. Béla Zorkóczy gained considerable merits.

Lukács J.; Cserjésné Sutyák Á.; Gál I.; Koncsik Zs.;.Koritárné Fótos R.; Marosné Berkes M.; Nagy Gy.; Szávai Sz.; Tóth L.:
Research activity of the Materials Testing Division of the Department of Materials Processing Technologies at the University of Miskolc between 2001 and 2010 years
This paper gives an overview about the research work and its main results carried out by the staff of the Materials Testing Division between 2001 and 2010. it is pointed out that in last ten years, the Division dealt with several new materials testing projects and at the same time they changed the emphasis of a few traditional testing methods.

Balogh A.; Béres L.; Juhász K.; Juhász D.; Komócsin M.; Meilinger Á.; Török I.:
Research activity of the Welding Research Division of the Department of Materials Processing Technologies at the University of Miskolc between 2001 and 2010 years
The Welding Research Division carries out its research and developing work with close cooperation with industrial partners.
It is worth emphasising the modelling of thermal and material transporting of welding, the application of pulse energy input in arc and pressure welding processes, the joint welding of high strength steels and the surface welding research topics.

Balogh A.; Béres L.:
New results in the field of welding heterogeneous joints of creep resistant steels
In the research project looking back on some 25 years history, the authors firstly dealt with the welding behaviour of the traditional, low alloy creep resistant steels. In the last ten years in cooperation with international partners researches were focused on the welding and prognostication the service behaviour of newly developed high alloyed creep resistant steels.

Juhász D.; Balogh A.:
Technological responses to challenges of welding new structural materials
Welding of high strength steel sheets newly applied in automobile industry can not be economically carried out with traditional procedures. The quality and reliability demands require advanced welding methods, among them the welding with controlled heat input should be mentioned.

Juhász K.; Juhász D.; Török I.:
Modelling of heat affected zone in spot welded joints
Continuously developed SYSWELD code taken on lease by the Department of Materials Processing Technologies can be well applied for modelling the heat processes of welding. Authors show the possibilities of the code through an example of the heat affected zone of a spot welded joint.

Kocsisné Baán M.; Frigyik G.; Kovács F.; Szabó E.:
Research activity of the Heat Treating Division of the Department of Materials Processing Technologies at the University of Miskolc between 2001 and 2010 years
In the time interval between 2001 and 2010 the Heat Treating Division continued the research and development of thermochemical treating (among them nitriding and boriding) which has been successfully studied in many decades. With the generation change in the staff of the research group new investigation fields (such as laser surface engineering) came to front.

Kocsisné Baán M.; Rowshan Reza.:
Research on laser surfacing at the Department of Materials Processing Technologies
Cooperating with some Hungarian research institutes (e.g.: BAY and ATI) several research projects analysing the industrial application possibilities of the laser were carried out at the Department of Materials Processing Technologies. For better understanding the complex processes beyond experiments the modelling possibilities of SYSWELD code were also applied.

Bíró A.; Szabó E.; Tisza M.:
Carbonitriding of case hardenable steels
Authors aimed at to decrease the technological time of gas nitriding. According to the experiments performed at the Department, it can be stated that the adsorption of nitrogen atoms can be accelerated with charging carbon dioxide gas. Further advantage of this procedure that in case of case hardening steels the surface properties of carbonitrided layer are usually better than the same of nitride ones.

Tisza M.; Gál G.; Kiss A.; Kovács P. Z.; Lukács Zs.; Sárvári J.:
Research activity of the Metal Forming Division of the Department of Materials Processing Technologies at the University of Miskolc between 2001 and 2010 years
In the past ten years the Metal Forming Division dealt first of all with metal forming basic researches and manufacturing processes producing sheet metal parts for engineering industry.
Among the research subjects the investigation of innovative metal forming processes as well as the extensive use of possibilities of modelling and simulation should be emphasized.

Tisza M.; Kovács P. Z.; Lukács Zs.; Cserjésné Sutyák Á.; Gál G.; Kiss A.:
Innovative forming processes – Incremental sheet metal forming
Together with the University of Ljubljana and also including Hungarian and Slovenian companies the Department of Materials Processing Technologies carried out research work in the field of incremental sheet metal forming. Paper briefly describes the basic characteristics of incremental sheet metal forming and presents the results of this joint research work

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