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•  5/2011 table of contents

Patkó, Gy.:
Scientific conference of mechanical engineers celebrating their jubilee in Miskolc. Public meeting of the Senate of the University of Miskolc on the occasion of golden diploma celebration on August 27, 2011.    3

Illés, B.:
To participants of the meeting of classmates on 27 of August 2011    5

Kamondi, L.; Tóthné Tuzson, Á.; Vadászné Bognár, G.; Czap, L.:
Summary of recent past of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics    7

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics of the University of Miskolc waits for students, while national and international companies wait for mechanical and informatics engineers taken their degree here    13

Dr. h.c. degree had been awarded to Prof. Dr. László Monostori, Budapest University of Technology and Economics.    22

Honorary citizenship of the University of Miskolc degree had been awarded to Dr. János Latorcai, Vice-president of the Hungarian National Assembly    23

Professor Lajos Bálint was born.100 years ago    24

Dudás, L.:
Department of Information Engineering    26

Fegyverneki, S.:
Department of Applied Mathematics    29

Szigeti, J.:
Department of Analysis    31

Illés, B.:
Department of Materials Handling and Logistics    33

Czap, L..:
Department of Automation and Communication Technology    36

Juhász, I.:
Department of Descriptive Geometry    39

Kovács, L.:
Department of Information Technology    40

Szabó, Sz.:
Department of Fluid and Heat Engineering    42

Kovács, E.:
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering    44

Paripás, B.:
Department of Physics    46

Kamondi, L:
Department of Machine and Product Design    48

Kundrák, J.:
Department of Production Engineering    50

Bertóti, E.:
Department of Mechanics    53

Tisza, M.:
Department of Mechanical Technologies    55

Szabó, T.:
Robert Bosch Department of Mechatronics    57

Takács, Gy.:
Department of Machine Tools    59

Siménfalvi, Z.:
Department of Chemical Machinery    61

Main research areas of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics    63

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