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•  6/2011 table of contents

Árvai Cs.; Pálinkás I.:
Determination of tensile strength of forged aluminium specimens   3
Paper shows the determination the tensile strength of closed die forged aluminium specimens produced from two types of alloyed aluminium grades most commonly used in the Hungarian practice (EN AW 6082 and EN AW 2017).

Fledrich G.; Pálinkás I.; Keresztes R.:
Cutting force of turning of ZrO2 ceramic materials   8
In order to examining the turning machinability of zirconia (ZrO2) a cutting force measuring device was assembled for the applied CBN and PCD cutting tools. Authors calculated a regression equation between the cutting forces and the main parameters of hard turning process.

Kocsány I.; Seres I.:
Geometry model of active surface of flat plate and vacuum tube collectors   12
Operation of solar collectors depends on different meteorological circumstances, such as different radiation and environmental temperature. In case of low radiation – which is usually companied with lower temperature - the vacuum tube collector has better energy production.

Lefánti R.; Kalácska G.:
Developing small-aircraft maintenance and reconstruction of landing-gear leg support   17
Nowadays there are a few aircraft units and parts (e.g. the landing-gear leg) whose regulation is rather incomplete. This paper presents the authors’ research work on the problem of the landing-gear leg and its development.

Lengyel A.; Szegedi A.:
Analysis of the underload shifting processes   23
The critical point in the collaboration between the engine and the transmission is the gear changing in under load conditions. The change of traction force, clutch actuator hydraulic pressure and electric sign were examined during power shifting.

Máthé L.:
Examination of motion resistances on different surfaces in case of off-road tracking   27
Last summer a complex measurement series was performed by the employees of the Department of Automotive Technology of Szent István University. The main purpose of the project was to create a soildatabase for the computer simulation to define the path-leaving vehicle’s speed at that moment when it leaves the built road.

Nagy N.; Gyarmati B.; Mészáros Cs.; Gottschalk, K.; Bálint Á.:
Convection in cylindrical soil systems   36
For studying the convection in cylindrical soil systems a new experimental measuring device equipped suitable instruments was constructed. In this paper authors describe only the measured data characterising the processes taking place in the cylindrical soil columns.

Seres I.; Kocsány I.; Farkas I.; Weihs P.:
Investigation of spectral sensitivity of photovoltaic modules   41
Paper presents the main elements of a 10 kW solar collector located at Gödöllő, the joined data collecting system and the relevant operational data collected during the working period.

Varga R.:
Examination of rigid wall, biodegradable packaging materials   46
The quantity of plastics used for packaging different articles and goods is continuously growing. Paper emphasises that in order to the alleviation of the environmental loading problems the development and application of the biodegradable packaging materials have already been begun.

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