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Tisza M.:
Steel development for car manufacturing   3
Paper describes the sheet material developments for automotive industry forced by contradictory requirements such as the global competition world wide, increasing costumers’ demand and new laws for environment protection.

Gáspár M.; Balogh A.:
Welding lobe for advanced high strength steels (AHSS)   11
In this paper welding experiments for determination of a welding lobe are presented, whilst the new development tendencies of  high  st rength  st r uctural  steels  are  also highlighted.

Molnár A.; Buza G.; Balogh A.:
Analysis of thermal sprayed and laser remelted NiCrBSi coatings    17
Authors deal with f lame- (FS) and high velocity spraying (HVOF) and in situ f lame – and laser remelting combination to modify structural characteristics of metallic NiCrBSi coatings.

Prém L.; Balogh A.:
Resistance spot welding of cold stretched steel sheets   23
The main steels sheets properties strongly depends on the cold forming process which phenomenon makes a great chal- lenge to the welding engineers. Authors present the main effects of cold metal forming on the quality of resistance spot welded joints.

Meilinger Á.; Török I.:
The inspection of effect of technological parameters at friction stir welding   29
The friction stir welding is a brandnew solidstate pressure welding process used for seam and spot welding of different metallic alloys. In order to find the correct parameter combinations welding experiments and FEM analysis were carried out.

Somoskői G.; Török I.:
Relation and impact of electrical and welding parameters of CMT PIN process   33
For safe joining between metallic and non-metallic parts in automotive industry requires welding processes with maximum stability and well adjustable, reduced linear energy. The CMT PIN process is suitable to meet these demands.

Kuzsella L.; Lukács J.; Szűcs K.:
Physical simulation tests on S960QL HSLA steel   37
Paper introduces the Gleeble 3500 thermo – mechanical physical simulator, deals with the connection between weldability and physical simulation, and describes the first experiments performed on S960QL high strength steel.

Szilágyiné Biró A.:
Innovation trends in nitriding   43
Author offers a brief survey of conventional methods of nitriding (gas and plasma nitriding). The novel trends of nitriding, i.e. active screen plasma nitriding and complex treatments are discussed in details.

Cserjésné Sutyák Á.; Szilágyiné Biró A.:
Estimating hardenability of steels through chemical composition   49
Several methods are known to test and to predict the hardenability of steels. The aim of this work to examine the reliability of calculation methods by comparison with experimental results.

Koncsik  Zs.;  Molnár  V.;  Marosné  Berkes  M.; Kuzsella L.:
The possibilities and problems of roughness measurements in case of ceramics wear testing   55
The possibilities and main problems of the roughness measurement in case of ceramic wear was investigated. The initial two- and three dimensional roughness parameters of the samples and the worn volume was measured.

Tisza M.; Kovács P. Z.:
New specimen forming to determine of the forming limit curve (FLC)   65
Paper shows an up-to-date research methodology which was elaborated and applied at the Department of Mechanical Technology at the University of Miskolc for determination of the FLC curve.

Kovács P. Z.; Lukács Zs.:
Modelling of HydroForming processes   69
HydroForming processes have significant advantages compared to conventional forming ones in areas of sheet metal and tube forming. Author presents his experiences have been collected during modelling of HydroForming.

Tisza M.; Kerekes G.:
Application of the methods of computer aided engineering in the education activity of the Department of Mechanical Technology   73
In this paper the application of various Computer Aided Engineering Methods and the program packages applied in training of engineering students at BSc and MSc level are shortly overviewed.

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