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Kamondi L.
Innovative mechanical engineering product development   3
Quick and economic solution of the product functions needs large research works and strict quality management. In this paper some most important subjects of development- methodology and function- solution are presented, which can offer the possibility of application and orientation for the developers.

Ecsedi I., Baksa A.
Analitical solution of a one-dimensional steady state heat conduction problem    9
A one-dimensional steady state heat conduction problem is formulated and its analytical solution is presented. The considered one-dimensional structural component consists of straight and circular arc bar segments. The heat is generated within the solid as a result of an applied constant voltage difference. The generated heat by the constant voltage heat source is assumed to be dissipated by convection into a medium at a constant temperature.

Daróczy L., Jármai K.
Automatization of design of frame and truss structures using topology optimization    13
The current article proposes a method to fully automatize the design of truss and frame structures using topology optimization, image interpretation and fi nally through a sizing problem, and focuses especially on the image interpretation part by introducing a fl exible and fast method to extract the cross-section and number of joints, and the number, location and type of connections between them. Finally, some examples are presented in 2D and 3D for the image interpretation.

Dúl R., Palotás Á.B., Jármai K., Barkóczy P.
Development of heat exchanger for domestic fireplace to preheat air for burning    19
In this paper authors describe the methodology used for fi nding an optimum solution for a welded steel heat exchanger mounted on a domestic fi replace. The heat exchanger is used to preheat the primary and secondary air necessary for burning wood logs in the fi replace. The optimization process is combined with Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation to calculate values of design variables and the aim function.

Farkas J., Jármai K.
Volume and cost minimization of a tubular truss with displacement constraint    23
The minimum volume and cost of a simply supported planar truss with N-type bracing is optimized. The lower chord of the truss is horizontal, but the symmetric upper chord parts are non-parallel and their inclination angle as well as the cross-sectional area of CHS (circular hollow section) rods are optimized.

Jármai K., Farkas J.
Minimum cost design of a cellular plate under unidirectional compression    29
Cellular plates consist of two cover plates and stiffeners between them. Half I-beams employed as stiffeners for fabrication purposes. The cells are very rigid, due to their high torsional rigidity. In case of unidirectional compression overall buckling constraint comes from the Huber equation. Two optimization methods have been used, the PSO, Particle swarm optimization and the IOSO, response surface methods.

Kota L.
Comparison of genetic programming and taboo search at the optimization of technical inspection and maintenance systems    33
This paper describes a comparison between single phase genetic programming algorithm for the fi xed destination multi-depot multiple travelling salesman problem with multiple tours (mmTSP) and the generalized taboo search algorithm. This article shows the advantage of the developed genetic programming algorithm through numerous tests.

Kovács Gy.
Optimal design of a composite sandwich structure    37
This study shows the optimization method of a new complex structural model [laminated carbon fi ber reinforced plastic (CFRP) deck plates with polystyrene foam (EPS) inner layer]. The structure was designed for both minimal cost and minimal weight taking into consideration 6 design constraints.

Virág Z., Jármai K.
Fatigue design of stiffened plates for different shapes of ribs    41
In this overview of compressed stiffened plates with various shapes of ribs a special cost analysis has been investigated. Recommendations on fatigue of welded components of the IIW are investigated for the compressed plate. The unknown is the number of stiffeners in the optimization. The trapezoidal stiffeners had the best performance.

Mannheim V.
Priority order for thermic treatment processes with complex model by pops wastes    45
There are green chemistry methods and some other treatment approaches for decreasing the quantity of the organic industrial waste, but currently thermic treatment processes are the most popular alternatives. This paper summarises thermic utilisation processes with a comparison between the different technologies, stressing factors affecting their applicability and operational suitability.

Venczel G., Szepesi G., Siménfalvi Z.
Indirect determination of the convective heat transfer coefficients in jacketed reactor shell chamber    49
During the heat transfer process the convective heat transfer coeffi cients can determinate if adequate data available. In the relevant literature we found criterial equations to the mixture tank with jacket cooling. In this paper we show two methods to calculate the convective heat transfer coefficients.

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