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Bodzás S.; Dudás I.:
Generating of conical worm surface with changing of lead angle correction  3
Authors propose a new grinding procedure, in which the wear of grinding wheel is compensated by continuous change of lead angle. As an example the grinding of a spiroidal worm are presented.

Bauernhuber A.; Markovits T.:
New opportunity in joining technology: the laser assisted metal-plastic hybrid joining  7
Paper presents a new laser assisted joining technology can be applied for making metal-polymer hybrid connections. The new technology has several advantages against concurrent processes. The quality of the joint mainly de-pends on the heating time, the pressure force, the laser power and the surface roughness.

Hajdu D.; Insperger T.:
Analysis of the Smith predictor in time domain  12
Smith predictor can be successfully applied first of all in stable processes. Authors present the principal equations describing the Smith predictor. A simple example is shown for presenting the parameter sensitivity of a closed control loop.

Ladányi G.; Ladányi G.:
Fault diagnosis in squirrel-cage induction motors using vibration and current analysis jointly  16
In case of squirrel-cage induction motors the application of condition based maintenance strategies help to avoid the unexpected failures and consequent downtime. As an additional advantage, the time between planned shutdowns for planned maintenance may be increased.

Tóth P.:
Adaptive acoustic source model for microphone array signal processing  21
The phased array microphone measurement is an acoustic source localization technique requiring much computing time for data processing. The Depart-ment of Fluid Mechanics of BME develops this technique and applies for fan noise research of axial fans.

Vásárhelyi J.; Kovács L.:
Hardware implementation analysis of concept lattice as classification tool in infor-mation systems  26
Paper analyses the implementation possibilities in field programmable gate array (FPGA) hardware. It tries to give an answer for the implementation limits and advantages. The hardware implementation allows the speed up of the lat-tice construction and search on it.

Schwarzenberger J.; Juhász I.:
Development of lathes machining centres at ExCel Csepel Szerszámgyártó Kft. (ExCel Csepel Tool Manufacturing Ltd.) capable of 5D machining.  34

Szulim G.; Scsukin V.; Turcsin I.; Timár, I.:
The quasistatic plane problem of thermoelasticity for radially layered cylinder with asymmetric heating  36
The paper presents a solution for the plane problem of quasistatic thermoelasticity for the radially layered cylinder with non-axisimmetric heating on its boundary surfaces. The solution of the considered problem is constructed with the help of Laguerre integral transform with respect to time variable and Fourier transform with respect angular displacement. The stresses are presented for the three layered cylinder under local heating on the outer surface.

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