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•  5/2013 table of contents

Bodnár I.:
The waste as second material and as inexhaustible source of renewable energy   3
Continuously reproducing waste materials have high amount of usable energy content. For transforming energy of waste different thermic treatments are used. Author points out that the most effective methods are the plasma tech-nology and burning the synthesis gas in a gas engine.

Szamosi Z.; Ferenczi T.; Harcsik B.:
Torrefaction of the wheat straw in vacuum induction furnace   11
The low temperature pyrolysis or in other word torrefaction is suitable for in-creasing the energy content of agricultural waste materials. Realising the torre-faction of wheat straw in vacuum pyrolysis gases can be used without separa-tion and purification. The first experiments gave favourable results.

Kiss L. P.:
Natural frequencies of free vibration for heterogeneous curved beams   16
Author deals with vibration of heterogeneous in cross section 2D curved beams. The first four natural frequencies were determined by the Green func-tion matrix and the system of homogeneous Fredholm integral equations. Re-sults of calculations were very close to the values came from the FEM control calculations.

Lengyel Á. J.; Ecsedi I.:
Determination of normal and shearing stresses in composite beams with weak shear connection   22
Paper deals with the calculation of stress field in two-layer laminar composites. Assuming weak shear connection between the two layers some derived formu-lae are presented, which are directly suitable for dimensioning such composite beams.

Gönczi D.; Ecsedi I.:
Thermal stresses in hollow cylindrical bodies withtemperature dependent material properties   28
Paper presents an analytical (exact) procedure for determination of normal stresses and displacements in hollow circular cylindrical bodies under thermal and mechanical loadings. The analytical solution is valid for plane strain state.

Bodnár I.:
Economic and economical questions of the thermic treatment processes   33
Nowadays four thermal treatment processes are used in recycling of waste ma-terials: burning, pyrolysis, gasification and plasma-technology. Paper deals with the economic and economical questions of each process. Results of anal-ysis were strongly different from the expected ones.

Gáspár M.:
Realization of temperature field by final element modelling during the welding of high strength steels   37
Welding of newly developed high strength steels (HSS) requires technology different from the usual one. Processes taking place during welding in heat af-fected zone are critical because of risk of embrittlement and crack formation. Author recommends FEM analysis for selecting the optimum condition of weld-ing.

Fekete T.:
The alternating current synchronous hydraulic drive and operation principle of eccentric   43
Author describes the types and main units of hydraulic drives. In the frame of doctoral programme the alternating current non-synchronous drive (S-ACH) is investigated. Experimental equipments with rigid pipes and flexible hoses were constructed, by which firstly the transfer parameters have been studied.

Kelemen L.; Szente J.:
Analysis of crowned teeth for gear coupling   47
Gear couplings are mainly used for compensating the eccentric positions of coupled axes. Authors present a mathematical model for determination the theoretical contact point and path. Applying the model the effect of angular misalignment on contact pattern can be investigated.

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