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István Ecsedi, Attila Baksa
Torsion of thin-walled beam of close section with non-perfect connections      5
The object of this paper is the uniform torsion of thin-walled beam of closed profile. The thin-walled closed cross section is built from several open cross sections whose connections are not perfect. The connection of beam components in axial direction permits slippage. The axially slip is proportional to the shear flow.

Sándor Hajdú, Dr. Tibor Czibere, Dr. László Kalmár
Optimal size ratios of Banki turbine runner      9
The present paper concentrates to the optimization of size ratios of the runner in order to reach the best efficiency operation of the turbine. The paper gives an overview of the design data that affect the conditions at the outlet regarding angular momentum. The diagrams of practical use show the ranges of numerical values of the optimal data that correspond to each other with regard to the optimization for an angular momentum-free outlet.

Péter Barkóczy, Péter Koszty, Csaba Hoó
Enhance the properties of the contact wires with surface treatment      13
During an overload the heat developing in the conductor depends on the electrical resistivity of the conductor and the heat emission of the surface. It is known that the old oxidized contact wire is more resistant from the overloads than the new conductors. This better resistivity is due to the higher heat emissivity of the oxidized surface. Another advantage of the better emissivity that the frozen ice and rime can be easily removed from the surface of the contact wire.

Gábor Zoltán Marcsák, Prof. Dr. Károly Jármai
In this paper, the authors would like to summarize their latest results regarding the heuristic algorithm collection, particularly the novel evolutionary and swarm intelligence methods they use. This collection of evolutionary methods contains 15 algorithms. These algorithms are able to optimize very complex functions.

New approach to steel welding      26
At the welding of structural steel materials the amount of heat is an important factor. Because of these the welding of these parent materials was not economical with impulse arc. By the high heat input of the impulse arc, the efficiency had to be reduced significantly. However, this has a decisive impact on the welding speed loss, so in case of structural steels the scattered arc is used.


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