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Bodnár I.; Siménfalvi Z.:
Designing a ton per day capacity plasma reactor    5
Plasma technology is one of the most effective and environmentally friendly method for solid waste treatment and energy utilization. Paper presents the geometrical designing process of a plasma reactor having one ton per day capacity. Dimensions of a plasma reactor are affected by a lot of factors.

Hajdú S.; Czibere T.; Kalmár L.:
On the Betz – Lanchester - Joukowsky limit    11
The Betz – Lanchester – Joukowsky (shortly Betz) limit defines the upper value of the energy amount can be converted to usable power in an open flow. Authors give a well illustrated summary about the terms belonging the Betz limit and describe the process of its determination.

Ecsedi I.; Baksa A.:
Curved beam on elastic foundation loaded by concentrated moment    15
In this paper the equilibrium problem of curved beam on elastic foundation loaded by couple is analysed. A simple one-dimensional model is formulated to get the radial displacements, crosssectional rotation and internal forces. A numerical example illustrates the applications of the derived formulae.

Farkas J.; Jármai K.:
Optimum design of a welded punch press    19
The table beam of a punch press is a special welded structure consisting of a box beam with an orthogonally stiffened upper flange. Authors optimise the structure applying several design constrains. Comparing to the original version significant savings and mass reduction can be achieved with optimised press structure.

Marcsák G. Z.; Jármai K.:
Solving constrained structural optimization problems with heuristic methods    25
For constrained structural optimization authors use a heuristic algorithm collection implemented by them. The algorithm collection is under continuous development. Paper shows the colourful possibilities provided by the algorithm collection.

Mikáczó V.; Szepesi L. G.:
Theoretical investigation of pressure characteristic in case of gas explosion    33
In case of gas explosion close the ignition point the flame front builds up, rising and moving forward with burning velocity. This paper shows a method to calculate a pressure-time function in case of gas explosion based on the burning velocity in spherical vessels.

Farkas B.:
CFD simulation of a new type rolling piston compressor designed for heat pumps    37
Author briefly summarises the results concerning the modelling and measuring of the rolling piston compressor can be found in literature. Paper shows how the operation of a rolling piston compressor can be modelled applying a numerical flow soft.

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