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Borbás L.; Ficzere P.:
Questions of additive production technologies (Residual stresses of 3D printed polymers)     5
However many characteristics of printed polymers are well known, only little information is available about their residual stresses, which can significantly influence the behaviour of printed products. This paper deals with the experimental investigation of residual stresses in polymers made by FDM technology.

Körtélyesi G.; Erdősné Sélley Cs.:
Education of virtual product design     11
Educational activity of the Virtual Design Laboratory at the Department of Machine and Product Design of Budapest University of Technology and Economics is introduced. The education unit supports almost all of the stage of the modern engineering design process from the optical 3D scanning to the 3D printing.

Takács J.; Bán K.:
Adaptive manufacturing of customized human implants and medical devices     16
Spread of the rapid prototyping takes an effect on the change in engineering profession culture. Besides many industrial sectors development in health care industry is considerable, because application the data sets of modern imaging technologies individual human implants and medical devices can be tailored according to the request.

Vass S.; Németh H.:
The effect of nozzle geometry on fluid flow, comparison using numeric simulations     23
This paper shows a computational 3D CFD study carried out in order to investigate the influence of three different nozzle geometries on the injector internal flow properties and the external jet shape. Analysing and comparing the performance of the geometric variants the third nozzle shows the best results.

Ficzere P.:
New opportunities of dimensions in machine design process     34
In the last few years the role of sizes considerably changed in the product design practice. Dimensions can be given as a logical function, which makes the design of product series possible. The 3D sizes can also be applied for optimisation based on numerical simulations.

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