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Bassel Alsalamah, Dr. László Kuzsella, Dr. Zsolt Lukács:      7
Physical Simulation and Mathematical Modelization with Hardness Distribution Mapping of SICO Test
Hot cracks occur when thermal shrinkage, along with restraint-induced deformation, cannot be accommodated by plastic deformation. This procedure can be performed on a thermal-mechanical simulator using GLEEBLE 3500; It involves the tensile testing and determination of the hot strength and ductility of many cylindrical samples at temperatures below solidus. The Strain- Induced Crack Opening (SICO) test is an alternative to the hot tensile test during the simulated welding period.

Lucas Alexandre de Carvalho, Jemal Ebrahim, Dr. Zsolt Lukács:      11
The Importance of Pressure and Velocity Dependent Friction Coefficient in the Metal Forming Numerical Simulation
The AutoForm is among the most widely used FEM packages in sheet metal forming. Accurate simulations of the sheet metal forming are needed for developing cost effective production processes. The incorporation of advanced friction models provide improved accuracy in sheet metal forming finite element simulations. This study analyses the pressure and velocity dependent friction models applied to the simulation of sheet metal forming by the software AutoForm.

Ahmad Yasser Dakhel, János Lukács:      15
Failure Statistics of Transporting Pipelines and their Consequences
The findings of the study of long-distance oil and gas pipeline failures are essential for the industry. They can be the basis for pipeline operators’ risk analysis, integrity evaluation, and management improvement. Analysis and evaluation of Europe’s statistical findings on pipeline failure rates, causes, effects, similarities, and discrepancies in pipeline management were used to define management’s focal points and effectiveness. Suggestions on technologies and management for long-distance pipeline protection are proposed.

Ecsedi István, Baksa Attila, Lengyel Ákos József, Gönczi Dávid:      19
A Static Problem of an Inhomogeneous and Anisotropic Piezoelectric Beam
The authors published several works concerning with inhomogeneous and/or anisotropic structural elements in last years. The definition and the solution of these problems there was the main point that we used the special theory of mathematical linear elasticity which takes into account the material non-homogeneity and anisotropy. This work describes an analytical solution for a Saint-Venant torsion problem of an inhomogeneous, orthotropic, piezoelectric beam with elliptical cross

Kállai Viktória, Szepesi L. Gábor:      22
Determination of Dry Pressure Loss of a Sieve Trayed Column
In this study dry pressure drop of a sieve tray was determined with calculation (three types of correlations) and CFD simulation. During the investigation three types of gas velocity was used: 1, 1,5 and 2 m/s. Our goal was to investigate the correlation between the results of the calculations and simulation. It could be determined that the calculations in each cases overestimated (approximately with 31%, and 19%) the dry pressure drop, than the simulation.

Mikáczó Viktória, Siménfalvi Zoltán, Szepesi L. Gábor:      26
Effect of Vent Ducts on the Reduced Explosion Overpressure – Theoretical Models
In this paper, the authors summarize the major computational contexts reported in the scientific literature that has already been published, as a guide for further use. Values of relative errors mentioned at the end of each method were determined by Lautkaski based on experiments performed over a wide range of tests.

Kriston J. Balázs, Dr. Jálics Károly:      31
Localization of Failures with Vibro-Acoustical Methods in Case of Mechanical Structures
The main purpose of this study is to summarize and review the state-of-the art monitoring procedures and diagnostic techniques based on vibrational and acoustical signals by the help of literature sources.
The paper seeks to illustrate the application of each method through practical examples, so it may be useful for those who wish to understand which types of fault can be diagnosed by using vibro-acoustic diagnostic systems.

Soltész László, Berényi László, Kamondi László:      36
Product Development Projects: Stakeholder Priorities when Approving a Project
The analysis is based on the responses of 112 experts on product development by a voluntary online survey. The results show that there is a remarkable difference in prioritization. Most of the development engineers stated that corporate management and project managers are time- and cost-centric. The main implication of the research is that the priorities are to explore within an organization that can support a suitable regulatory and communication system that minimizes the conflicts against the project success.

Kalmár László, Hegedűs György, Fáy Árpád:      41
Automated Design of Axial Flow Pump Impeller
The main purpose of compiling this article is to present the developed computer program package AXPHD V2.0 in general, describing the characteristic features of the available program modules, summarizing the results obtained and considered more important during the design of the axial flow prototype pump with adjustable blades.

Fodor Béla:      46
Description Methods for Numerical Analisys of Rotary Flow Machinery
This article presents general aspects closely related to the numerical testing of rotating flow engineering equipment, where the most important tasks are briefly summarized. I place emphasis on the structure of the study method and then on the possibilities of each computational model.

Török Tamás István:      50
Corrosion must also be protected, EUROCORR is coming to Budapest again
The outdoor steel structures can be effectively prevented from corrosion by appropriate organic surface coatings which can provide some physical barrier against the aggressive environment, while for steel components and the steel reinforced concrete constructions, which occasionally are coming or being in contact with aqueous electrolyte solutions, the corrosion attack can also be effectively mitigated by admixing corrosion inhibitors to such technological waters or to the concrete. This paper presents some case studies to timely illustrate this important issue.

Petrik Máté, Dr. Jármai Károly, Dr. Szepesi L. Gábor:      53
Numerical and Analytical Calculation Possibilities of Transient Heat Transfer
The heat transfer processes can be divided into two parts, first to the transient state and then the temperature profile has formed to the steady state. This type of transient heat transfer phenomena occurs for example in heat treatments, when heating industrial equipment to operating temperature, or even cooking can be mentioned. The goal of this study is to present these heat transfer processes in general and to report empirical relationships that can be used to predestine temperature values as a function of time.

Szűcs Renáta, Dr. Jármai, Károly:      58
Cost-optimized Mechanical Design Methods
Cost-optimized design is becoming more and more important among the design requirements. The competitiveness of companies highly depends on their cost-optimized design. The cost of a product can be reduced significantly in the design phase, cc. 70% of the expenses decided in the design phase. In the present study, the authors deal with presenting the available cost optimization design tools that can be used in the planning phase and the possible development of these tools.

Szűcs Renáta, Galambos József, Dr. Jármai, Károly:      63
Cost-optimal Design of Scissor Lifting Table
During the design process, special attention should be paid to the production costs incurred. In the present study, the authors analyze a scissor lifting table’s structure from a cost-optimal design perspective. Through this analysis, general cost-optimal design rules are also determined. Based on the presented technique, the determination of a parametric model for cost optimization design could be elaborated.

Jemal Ebrahim Dessie, Lucas Alexandre de Carvalho, Dr. Zsolt Lukács:       67
Numerical Simulation of Impact Extrusion for Pure Aluminum Aerosol Can Manufacturing
Impact extrusion is a supreme manufacturing process for seamless aerosol can. Reducing can thickness and eliminating of decrease in mechanical properties after the internal coating is critical problems of current aerosol can industries. Through selecting highly strength aluminum alloy, there is a possibility of extrusion inhomogeneous wall thickness to manufacture thinner and strengthen aerosol can. Deform 2D is optimistic FEM software to model and simulate inhomogeneous wall thickness, as a result, it can acquire defect-free can shoulder at the necking stage

Hazim Nasir Ghafil, Dr. Jármai Károly:      71
Optimization Algorithms for Inverse Kinematics of Robots with Matlab Source Code
This paper presents a methodology to solve the inverse kinematic problem for any kind of robot arm using optimization algorithms. Forward kinematic is usually a straightforward analysis for any robot while inverse kinematic is hard to be solved for many cases. A particle example of 5DOF revolute joint arm was used to present this methodology with source code written in MATLAB for the objective function. Dynamic differential optimization algorithm DDAO was used to minimize the objective.

Alaa Al-Fatlawi, Dr. Jármai Károly, Dr. Kovács György:      75
Optimum Design of Solar Sandwich Panels for Satellites Applications
The aim of the article was to verify the optimum design of solar sandwich panels for microsatellites applications. The sandwich panel consists of aluminium honeycomb core and aluminium materials facesheets.
In this study, a methodology for a combined weight and/or cost optimization for sandwich panel with aluminium facesheets and honeycomb core is presented.

Chahboub Yassine, Dr.Szávai Szabolcs:     80
The Application of back Propagation Approach in the Determination of GTN Parameters
The Gurson–Tvergaard–Needleman (GTN) model, is a powerful approach that we use to anticipate the failure of pipelines based on lab samples, To find GTN parameters straightforwardly we need to consume much time. The immediate strategy to find the GTN parameters and anticipate the damage of the materials is finding the right mix between the experimental and
Finite Element results.

Bolló Betti:      83
Cavitation Procedures in Wastewater Treatment: A Review Article
In this study different cavitation tools are presented. Finally, on the designed Venturi tube, two-dimensional numerical simulations were investigated by the means of CFD computations.

Kiss László Péter:      87
The Effect of Movement and Rotation of the Support on the Stability of Arches
The paper aims to find how a small imperfection in the support condition can affect the allowable load of circular arches to prevent buckling. The one-dimensional beam model is based on the single-layer Euler-Bernoulli theory. The static equilibrium equations are obtained from the principle of virtual work. Graphical representation of the result is provided.

Fiák Lilla, Dr. Bencs Péter:      90
Photovoltaic as a Future Pioneer
The market for solar panels was inaccessible to private individuals until the mid-1970s, but today it is now widespread and accessible to virtually anyone. We know of many applications for solar panels today, yet they can only cover a few percent of the world’s energy supply. Will they be able to spread more widely on the world market in the future and play a greater role in meeting energy needs? The article highlights the key topics needed to answer this question, such as the issue of
recyclability or price.

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